lightspeed Double V Footstrap

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100% non-absorbent materials mean lightweight wet or dry. Includes a comfortable neoprene cover which increases the cush factor, but adds negligible weight.

If looking for a lightweight, comfortable, and proven strap to add to the back of your board select the option for Kite or Windsurf back foot strap for a full Lite Speed setup.

Add our proven 2 Hole Surface Mount Plates for a perfect setup. Utilize some or none of your board's inserts by taking advantage of our ultra high bond insert plates. They can be placed anywhere on your board for optimal strap location.

Includes 3 Shred Tech strap control washers. If adding Surface Mount Insert Plates, screws for those plates will be included. Due to differences in screw-type between brands, we cannot include screws without our insert plates.
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